There are several products and tools available to clean your wood floors. They do a fairly good job of keeping your wood floors looking nice.  Even so, at some point, you will notice your wood floor will begin to lose its luster. When should you consider having your wood floors professionally enhanced and cleaned to get back the look of a new wood floor?

This service should be considered if:

Enhancing the floors will only work if:

What should you expect from your cleaning service when they arrive?

Deep Clean – A machine is used to brush in a deep cleaning solution.

Deep Clean Edges – An edging tool is used with the same solution to clean up to the baseboards and get into hard to reach corners.

Rinse – The same machine rinses away the cleaning residue with water.

Neutralize/Re-Clean – A property agent is used that leaves no residue.  It is used to insure that there is no residual soil.

Edges Neutralized – The property agent is also used along baseboards and in hard to reach corners.  The floor is now ready to accept a protective coating.

Protective Finish – The finish is applied.  1 or 2 coats will give the floor a matte to semi gloss finish.  Additional coats will give your floor an even higher gloss.  Expect the finish to dry within 30 minutes.  Furniture can be replaced after 1 hour.  Rugs can be safely installed after 24 hours.

If you are interested in getting your floors enhanced and cleaned contact Chet’s Cleaning today.

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