Your carpet takes up a great deal of square footage, so it should be easy to tell when it’s dirty. But, unless you have light colored carpet throughout your home, it’s not always easy to tell when it’s time to have it professionally cleaned. Vacuuming and occasionally using the steam cleaner does help, but over time, dirt and debris get ground in, so it continues to get dirtier and dirtier. If you want your carpet to look like new, it’s best to have it professionally cleaned. If you still aren’t sure if it’s time for a professional cleaning, here are a few warning signs that the carpet needs professional help.

Carpets Looked Dull & Stained

Carpet naturally goes through wear and tear, but it should not look stained, discolored or old. Unfortunately, if there are stains and you attempt to remove them yourself, it may cause more damage. Even if the carpets have dull and brownish stains, having them professionally cleaned will bring the color back to life and make the carpet look new again.

Bad Odor

Your carpet should not smell bad, so if you notice a bad odor coming from the carpet, it’s a good sign that there is stuff, such as pet urine, oil, sweat or dirt that has been absorbed into the fibers. Using a home steamer may only push the odor further into the fibers and the padding, so it’s best to have all of the carpets professionally cleaned, which will not only make the carpet smell fresher but your home as well.

Carpet Maintenance

Seasonal Allergies and Flu Bugs

One of the best times to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is if you or other family members suffer from allergies or have recently had the flu. Allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander can remain in the carpeting, even after vacuuming, which can increase your allergy symptoms or even worsen them. During flu season is also a great time to professionally clean the carpets, because it will help to remove any bacteria and germs that have been carried in and found their way into the carpet fibers.

Pets and Kids

If you have pets or kids in the home, it doesn’t take long for stuff to get buried into the carpet fibers and the padding underneath. In many situations, there are accidents and spills that you may not have known about that are hiding in the carpets. Along with spills and accidents, muddy paws and shoes can take a serious toll on the carpet, so it’s best to schedule a cleaning proactively.

Even if you don’t notice stains or smell bad odors, it doesn’t mean the carpets should not be professionally cleaned. In fact, the best way to keep carpets looking new and smelling fresh is to have routine carpet maintenance. Vacuuming is essential, but professional cleaning will help to extend the life of the carpet, which can save you money in the long run. To maintain the life of your carpet, it is recommended that it be professionally cleaned at least once per year, but if you have children and pets or carpet that gets a lot of traffic, they should be professionally cleaned every six months.

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