How to Clean Shag Carpet Properly

Shag Carpet

A shag carpet is so plush and cozy that it can work its way into nearly any home decor. The long, thick carpet fibers offer maximum comfort. But, they can also make it really easy for dirt and grime to get stuck in between them. If you’re looking for ways on how to clean shag […]

Don’t Forget Your Carpets During Your Spring Cleaning Marathon

spring cleaning marathon graphic

There are some pretty nasty side effects of not cleaning your carpets on a regular basis; excessive buildup of dirt, skin cells and bacteria that like to hide down between the fibers to name a few! Having your carpet professionally cleaned offers you a regular opportunity to refresh your living or working space and keep allergens […]

Spring Cleaning Done Right


Nearly all cultures practice some sort of spring cleaning in the home. In the Chinese culture, this spring ritual symbolizes ridding the home of the bad luck and misfortune that has accumulated in the previous year. Cleaning makes room for good luck to enter the home. For Americans, spring cleaning has more practical implications. It […]

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