Your Top Questions Answered

1.  How do you clean windows so there are no streaks?

There is nothing more frustrating than cleaning your windows and still seeing streaks. To get the see-through shine you desire, wash your windows with horizontal strokes on one side of the glass and vertical strokes on the other side of the glass pane. This simple trick will identify quickly which side of the glass the streak is on.

Remember to use a small amount of window cleaner and a piece of newspaper to minimize streaking.  Newspapers won’t leave the residue that paper towels will leave behind.

Using a squeegee is another way to get the windows clean and streak free.  The benefit of a squeegee is you won’t be moving the dirt around on your windows.

2.  With the cold weather around the corner, how do you prevent windows from steaming up?

Use a small amount of soap (containing glycerin) and water on the windows.  The wax in the glycerin will help to prevent steam from fogging up the windows.

It’s also a wise idea to make sure that your home ventilation system is working correctly so moist air can circulate and exit.

3.  If I don’t want to use chemicals, what can I use to wash my windows?

A great homemade recipe is to combine ¼ cup vinegar, ½ teaspoon liquid soap and 2 cups of water mixed in a spray bottle.  The recipe makes an easy, inexpensive all-purpose window cleaner.

4.  What should I use to clean the bottom of the window frame where most of the dirt accumulates?

A towel works best.  Don’t use a microfiber cloth though because the cloth will get too dirty quickly.


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