No one wants their family to live in a dirty home, but are you neglecting your home’s dirtiest parts? You may think that the most germs are on your toilet seat, but you are wrong. According to Dr. Chuck Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, a toilet seat is one item in your home which is extremely unlikely to make you ill. 

The reality about the location of filthiest items of your home will shock you.

Five Disturbingly Dirty Parts of Your Home

Kitchen. The one room in your home which has the greatest number of bacteria is the same one which you probably spend the most time cleaning: the kitchen. Keep your family safe by making sure you sanitize faucet and cabinet handles, the coffee machine, counters and the sink throughout the day, especially after preparing raw meat.

Washing Machine. Your washing machine is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. When you forget about a load of laundry and the damp clothes remain in a closed washing machine for more than 30 minutes, germs can begin to multiply. If removing the clothes from the washer completely slips your mind into hours later, it is a good idea to run them through another wash cycle.

Dish Sponge. Using an old dish sponge to wash your plates is a quick way to end up getting sick. A study found that on the average, dish sponge contains more than 54 billion germs per cubic centimeter. Experts recommend that homeowners forget about trying to sanitize sponges by running them through the dishwasher or nuking them in the microwave. It is a much healthier option to just replace an old sponge with a new one at least once a week.


Makeup Bag. Women should watch out for the nastiness which is lurking in their makeup bags and on their applicators. Many women avoid sharing makeup with each other because they are afraid of spreading germs, but few know that their own makeup is a hotbed of bacteria. Doctors suggest that women replace their makeup at least every six months, and immediately after recovering from a bacterial infection.

Toothbrush Holder. People are typically good when it comes to changing their toothbrushes, but are less careful about keeping their toothbrush holders clean. Toothbrush holders are one of the top five dirtiest places in most homes due to all the grime and residue left on the brushes. Get rid of bacteria from your toothbrush holder by rinsing it out with hot water and then using antibacterial mouthwash to kill stubborn germs.

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