Read any label or watch a television commercial about a cleaning product and you’ll soon be convinced that said product is a miracle in a bottle. Yet, not all cleaning products work as advertised and many aren’t even safe to have in your home. Here are some tips for choosing your household cleaning products for your everyday cleaning needs.

Choose the Right Cleaner for the Job

While there are some “all-purpose cleaners” on the market, if you’re not using a cleaning product that is made for a particular type of surface, you risk leaving both dirt and chemical residue behind. This could prevent you from getting a truly clean surface, and additional bacteria could be attracted to the area. Here are just a few different types of cleaners and the surfaces that they are best suited to clean:

Tips for Choosing Safe Cleaning Products

Many homeowners today are interested in making use of safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly products in their homes. If you want to choose safe cleaners, the best advice is to pay close attention to the list of ingredients on the bottle. If there is no list, avoid the product.

When Home Cleaning Products Aren’t Enough

Even if you buy all of the right cleaning products, sometimes you still can’t produce the desired results. Know that you’re not alone, and there is nothing wrong with calling in a team of experts to help with a particularly difficult cleaning issue. In fact, a cleaning service can help with everything from everyday cleaning to in-depth restoration projects.

If you’re in the Detroit area and need someone to come out and clean your home, contact Chet’s Cleaning today. We’ll be happy to come give your home a nice scrub and a little TLC.

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