If you are a landlord who has owned a rental property, you probably have noticed that renters don’t typically take care of your property as you are well as you would hope. When you own a piece of property, you tend to protect it more than someone who is just renting it and moving on in a few years. Chet’s Cleaning knows that it can be particularly frustrating to install carpet into a rental unit just to find it covered in stains when the renters move out. Though you can’t control everything, you can take some steps to keep your property carpets as clean as possible. 

Clean Between Tenants

Most landlords will require their current tenants to clean before they move out and will often hire a professional cleaning company as well to do a deep clean. Most tenants expect carpets to be cleaned between tenants, but sometimes this doesn’t happen effectively. If you have a furnished apartment, make sure you have your carpet cleaning company move the furniture out while they clean so they can get every square foot of carpet. There is nothing grosser for a tenant than to move furniture and find that the carpet under the couch is a completely different shade. If it isn’t furnished, make sure that you hire the carpet cleaning company to vacuum before the clean. Their professional-grade vacuums are more effective than the standard ones you might have. 


A great way to keep carpets nice and clean is to not allow pets in your property. Not all pets are messy, but many are, and the best way to keep the messy ones out, is to keep all of them out. If you are willing to take a chance on some pets or specific breeds, then make sure you require a pet deposit that will allow you to replace the carpets if need be. This might narrow your field of possible tenants, but it could rule out quite a few that could ruin your carpets. 

Mud Room 

Many apartments and rental homes do not have a designated space for taking shoes on and off, but this could save your carpets. Most people prefer to not wear shoes around the house all the time, but they will keep them on longer or they will wear them to their designated shoe area to take them off. The best thing you can do for your carpets is to create an entryway/mudroom area that has the obvious purpose of storing shoes over a tiled or wood area. This can be done very inexpensively and doesn’t need to be large. It is just a good reminder that you can take your shoes off right at the door and you don’t need to track mud into the rest of the home. 

Though it may be frustrating to not be able to control how clean your renters are, you can always take some steps to encourage cleanliness. And for the times that your tenants aren’t clean, you can always hire carpet cleaning professionals at Chet’s Cleaning in Grosse Pointe. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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