It’s that time of year again – the winter has set in and your house turns into a sauna. It’s no fun, but there are ways you can cope with the cold and keep your home clean. Keeping a house clean is not an easy task during the cold months, when we have less sunlight and activities outside are limited. But what if we could make it a bit easier? Let’s explore some useful tips you can use to maintain a clean house through the winter.

Plan your weekly routine

If you want to keep your house clean, there are certain tasks that need to be done every week. You don’t have to do them all in one day, but they should be done on set days so they don’t get forgotten. First and foremost, clean your house every week with a general scrubbing and dusting. Also, make sure you change the sheets, towels and rags in your cleaning utensils so that you don’t get a build-up of germs. Next, wash your dishes and clean the sink. Also, wipe down all surfaces and furniture in your home that are not used regularly. Finally, sweep your floors, clear the corners of your furniture, and wipe down any item you store in the house.

The entrance to your home

Snow and mud do not belong inside your home and can affect the health of your family and guests. Make sure your entrance is clean and that you remove any ice and/or snow from it. Take out the garbage and leaves that have fallen from the trees. If you have a garage, sweep or shovel the snow off it so that it doesn’t get inside your home.

Have a place for dirty shoes

You can save a lot of time and effort by keeping a shoe rack or basket in your entrance. Place your dirty shoes in there so that you don’t have to remember to bring them to the sink, or worse, track dirt all over the floor.

Make sure to clean salt from the floors right away

Salt is one of the most common causes of damage during the winter months. When the temperature drops and the salt is no longer on the ground, it starts to mess up floors. When you notice the damage caused by the salt, immediately clean it with a scrubbing brush or mop. Also, clean the edges of your floors where the salt has not been able to reach.

Weekly vacuuming for all the dead leaves and dirt

While vacuuming isn’t the best way to clean, it is a great way to pick up all the dead leaves and dirt in your floor. Also, during the winter, it is essential to clean your carpets and furniture with an anti-traffic enzyme cleaner to kill bacteria and remove allergens. Vacuuming is a great way to get rid of all the dust, too. During the winter, dust is often the culprit of allergies, in addition to being hard to clean up.

Wrapping up

Luckily, there are many simple home remedies you can use to keep your home clean and healthy during the winter. Make sure to keep them in your regular routine so you don’t have to think about them when the cold weather is freezing outside. From keeping your entrance clean to scrubbing floors and clearing corners of furniture, there are many things you can do to maintain a clean home. When you do them consistently, they will not be a big deal. If you are looking for a deep cleaning, contact Chet’s Cleaning for a FREE Consultation (call 248-584-1819 or click on the link)

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