New Year’s Eve is when most of us will declare loudly and proudly to perfect strangers that next year we will do things differently and better than this year. Let’s be honest here, more than a few of us should steer this year’s resolution toward improving our home-keeping habits. If your home isn’t as clean as you would like, resolve to change that next year with these four cleaning resolutions. 

Ready-Made New’s Year’s Resolutions for People with Unkempt Homes

I resolve to clear away the clutter. Many of us have the big things under control. Those who can manage to wipe down the kitchen, clean the bathroom and even drag out the vacuum on occasion, congratulations. You have the basics covered. But what is lurking in the fourth drawer in the kitchen which you need to tape closed or behind the door of that spare bedroom? Is that clutter? Yes, it is. This year, make clearing the clutter a priority and reclaim your space!

I resolve to clean the kitchen. Although you may have used your oven exactly three times since moving into your home two years ago, you never know if the cooking lessons you took to fulfill your resolution to cook more will finally kick in one day. While you spend more time these days thinking about work presentations than food platings, a good kitchen scrubbing once in a while is essential for a healthy home. This year why not resolve to give your kitchen a good cleaning at least once a week?

Cleaning Products

I resolve to keep my bathroom spotless. Well, maybe not spotless, but at least not disgusting. Try to give your bathroom a deep cleaning at least once a week. Scrub down your tub or shower with anti-mildew cleaner and give the walls a bit of attention. Clean the sink and mirror and mop the floor. Don’t neglect the toilet, but try to remember to wear gloves! Keep your bathroom in shape with a quick surface cleaning each night after getting ready for bed.

I resolve to buy the correct cleaning supplies. Okay, buying cleaning supplies is a small step to a cleaner home, but it is an essential one. Without the proper cleaning products, it is impossible to get your home spick-and-span. Before you head out to the supermarket, make a list of everything you will need or you are likely to forget something essential. Remember to purchase cleaners as well as tools like plastic gloves, microfiber towels and paper towels. If you need more advice on what to buy, ask your mother. Wait, on second thought, don’t.

No time to keep your home clean on your own? No problem. For over 25 years, Chet’s Cleaning has been keeping homes clean in the metro Detroit area. Call 248-584-1819 to schedule an appointment.

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