Have you noticed that your tile and grout or stone has begun to look dingy?  Do you feel that no matter how hard you try to get your tile or stone looking like new, you aren’t having much luck?

Maybe it’s time to hire a professional tile and stone cleaning company to get your floors or countertops in shape.  Do you know what questions to ask when you schedule an appointment with a tile and stone cleaning company?  Do you know what to expect when they come to your home to clean your tile and grout or stone?

Here are some critical questions you should ask when deciding on a company to clean your tile and grout or stone.

  1.  Is a sample spot tested before cleaning the entire area?
  2. What kind of protection is provided for areas where a hose might be run through?
  3. Do they pre-agitate grout lines prior to cleaning?
  4. Is a pre-spray used or is the detergent and rinse combined in one step?
  5. Are specialty tools used for hard to reach areas like corners and edges?
  6. Are special countertop tools used? 

What should you expect when you hire Chet’s Cleaning to clean your tile and grout or stone?

Step 1:  Inspection – We determine the type of surface to be cleaned and the appropriate cleaning product to use.

Step 2:  Furniture is moved – Although, heavy furniture and appliances might incur an additional charge

Step 3:  Pre-clean a small area – A small area is cleaned to determine results that can be expected.

Step 4:  Pre-clean full area – A non-toxic solutions used

Step 5:  Agitate – Further loosens soil in grout

Step 6:  Dwell time – Time is given to allow the solution to work on the grout

Step 7:  Detailing – Edges and corners are thoroughly cleaned

Step 8:  Clean rinse – We clean rinse and neutralize in one step

Step 9:  Sparkling results – The cleaning process is complete

Chet’s Cleaning Offers These Additional Services:

For more information on our professional tile and stone cleaning services contact us today!

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