Here at Chet’s, we pride our self in using the finest equipment and top shelf solutions, but it is our highly trained and motivated technicians that produce our superior results.

Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Carpets are made of tightly twisted fibers. Over time, microscopic grit accumulates on these fibers and acts as sand paper in your carpeting. Regular foot traffic will scratch away your carpets beauty and the Factory applied soil protector is also damaged.

This is why carpet warranties call for professional carpet cleaning at least once every 18 months. Chet’s professional cleaning process rigorously follows industry standards – not just meeting, but also exceeding the guidelines for professional cleaning. Our system also assures that more allergens, mold, bacteria, micro-organisms, and soil are removed. This means you are left with clean, beautiful, and resilient carpets, as well as a healthy home.

Chet’s 14 Step Carpet Cleaning Process
1. Prepare Your Home – We use Teflon glides to move your items with care, moving blankets and tarps to protect hard surfaces, and guards to protect walls.
2. Loosening The Deep Down Dirt – Raking removes abrasive soils and allergens.
3. A Thorough Vacuuming – Don’t let any cleaner tell you it’s not necessary. This can remove nearly 80{7c5a46e7e2ef4251ebbbebc726b5c81c0e3bcded662c22a8f6c71de3257d04ea} of the soil in your carpet.
4. Break Down the Soil and Spots – We use a heated pre-conditioner to break down spots and soil. Many cleaners use harsh chemicals that void warranties.
5. A Little More Agitation – Grooming the pre-conditioner in works the detergents deep down to loosen any stubborn spots and soils.
6. Move Furniture – We have a special tool to safely move most furniture to make sure it is clean underneath.
7. Special Attention to Your Edges and Corners – If you have dark lines around your edges, we wash them down with a concentrated cleaner. These are called “filtration lines”.
8. Hand Clean Edges and Corners – This helps loosen the soil and filtration line build up.
9. Rinse Edges and Corners – We remove up to 6 times the soil compared to competitors.
10. Rotary, Low-Pressure Steam Extraction – By using low pressure, neutral PH steam rinse, combined with rotary extraction, the carpet is rinsed gently, but thoroughly.
11. Time to Dry – We use high velocity air movers to speed up the drying process so carpeting is dry as quick as possible.
12. Put Your Home Back in Order – We will put your furniture back in place so you don’t have to. Then we place protective blocks or tabs beneath to prevent stains.
13. Check Our Work – We take great pride in our work, so we inspect our results, looking for areas that may require extra attention.
14. Final Grooming – We will groom your carpet to restore its natural appearance and softness everyone loves.
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