Imagine dropping your gum on the grocery store bathroom floor. You’d throw it out immediately. Flushing toilets send up a fine mist, then along comes the janitor’s mop to spread the results around the rest of the floor along with (maybe) sanitizing chemicals. Plus, many shoes have probably walked across that floor since its last mopping, and you recognize the health hazards resting there. So, why would you track those same bathroom floor contaminants to your floors at home? Here’s why your family should always remove their shoes at your door. 

The Outside World is Covered Over in Gross Stuff

Whenever you and your family leave the house, you step into a world of dirt, animal excrement, chemicals, hair, pollen and sidewalks with bacteria. Weathering breaks down much of the obvious muck so that you can’t even see it as you walk, but this unavoidable residue pollutes the bottoms of your shoes and gets tracked right onto your floors. Doormats can help, but they can’t remove all the nasty particles on the soles of shoes.

Dirt Wears Out Your Floors Faster

As shoes carry dirt and dust into the home, it comes off eventually onto your carpets, linoleum and hard flooring. Sand and dirt get ground into the floors and leave not only dirty-looking tracks but scratches, too. Carpet fibers, which are smooth surfaces when new, take on scratches on the microscopic level. Frequent vacuuming and cleaning can get the offending particles out of the fibers, but once the damage has been done, the fibers lose their ability to reflect light and begin to appear dingy.

Why You Shouldn't Wear Shoes in Your Home

Removing Shoes Helps Keep Your Floors Clean and Your Family Healthy

By training yourself and family to remove your shoes at the doors, you can eliminate the problem of fast-wearing floors and the health hazards of spreading outside filth around your living quarters. You can sit on your carpets with confidence and maybe even observe the “five-second rule” for fallen food. If you develop this no-shoes custom before you install new carpets, wood or linoleum floors, you’ll notice that you no longer have dirt tracks and scratches along the major pathways and that your new floors stay cleaner longer.

More Healthy Environment with Green Cleaning

Even with a shoes-off lifestyle, your floors still need the occasional professional cleaning, especially your carpets. But if you select a company that uses harsh chemicals rather than green cleaning solutions, you unnecessarily bring toxicity back into your house. Rather, you should call a professional. We’ve been using green, botanical cleaning products from the beginning, even before it became popular. We put the environment — both yours and ours — first.

Serving the Metro area, Chet’s Cleaning remains committed to offering our clients the most outstanding experience possible. Call us today and ask us about our Iron Clad Guarantee.

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