Leather can last for decades, but only if it is properly maintained. If you think your skin gets dry, imagine how dry your leather is getting? Let us help you maintain your leather before it needs costly restoration work.

These Dining room NuBuck chairs only needed to be cleaned, hydrated, and conditioned to restore their appearance. They look much more uniform and are velvety soft. They need to be maintained at least once a year to maintain this look. We also protected them with our exclusive “Diamond Protection” to keep spots and stains from becoming permanent in the future. Yearly maintenance about $ 95.00 ea.

Don’t let your leather get this damaged! Perspiration, hand & hair oil quickly degrade leather and cause it to rot. This sofa took extensive restoration work and we had to change the finish from Aniline to Semi-Aniline. Ultimately we had to darken the finish to cover all the damage. The bottom picture has a piece of the original leather swatch laying on the bottom cushion (arrow) to show how much we had to darken the final color.

Maintaining leather is the key to preventing extensive repairs! Yearly maintenance about $110.00 this type leather.

Leather Cleaning & Maintenance Facts;Don’t be fooled by inferior leather cleaners. Most so called leather professionals try to clean and condition in one step, which is impossible. Or they clean and apply some type of topical conditioner, which simply does not nourish the leather and it’s structure.•Leather needs to be cleaned regularly (at least once per year)! Imagine not taking a bath or shower for a year?

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