Red Wine on upholstery Chair
Ink Spot on Upholstery Cushion
Red Wine on Upholstered Foot Rail
Thinking Putty on arm of Chair
Cat Urine on Back of Sofa
Faded Couch Cushions
Water Stained Sofa Cleaned
Red Stained Ottoman
Stained Headrest area on Love Seat
Soiled Sofa Cushions
Soiled Upholstery Chair
Soiled Sofa Cushion
Dirty Sofa Cushion Cleaned
Mildew Growth on Bottom of Ottoman
Cat Vomit on Chair
Red Wine Spill On Upholstery Cushion
Soil buildup on Chair
Dog Feces on Sofa Cushion
Dog Vomit on Sofa Cushion
Soiled Office Chair
Water damage on cushion
Slime Stain on Upholstery Sofa
Viscose Water Damage Cleaned and Restored
Cushion faded with lots of stains
Rat Feces Build Up on Sofa in Storage
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