Grandi Groom Carpet Rake




-Ideal for agitating pre-sprays into carpet
-Excellent for working protector into carpet fibers
-18-inch-wide head
-Complete with 54-inch handle and head

The Grandi Groom carpet rake is a versatile tool that is used by more professional carpet cleaners than any other tool like it because of its quality construction and advanced grooming capabilities. The high-impact polypropylene brush head is bolted to the custom bracket to help eliminate breakage and the 18-inch rake head contains flexible nylon bristles structured like a comb.

Best used for agitating carpet after applying protectants and pre-sprays to loosen embedded dirt in soiled carpet and traffic lanes, allowing the pre-spray to get down deep to the base of the fibers.

After cleaning, use the Grandi Groom to rake the pile to an even texture. This will give your customer’s carpet a high-quality finished look and will also allow for the carpet to dry faster.


Easy push-pull motion
Loosens and lifts surface embedded pet hair
Lifts crushed carpet pile from heavy traffic areas
Separates flattened carpet pile after wet cleaning
Aerates wet carpet to allow quicker drying
Restores carpet pile after cleaning

Includes a 54-inch handle and 18-inch rake head.