Natural Leather Care Kit




This kit contains 2 products for the care of your leather furniture.

Leather Soft Cleaner will clean most stains and soiling from Aniline and Pigmented leather.

Leather Protection Cream assists you in repelling staining and soiling on your Aniline and Pigmented leather.

Leather Soft Cleaner – For leather types A – P

Leather Soft Cleaner contains a delicate detergent that penetrates into the surface to clean while not altering the original properties of the leather or its finish. It can be used on all types of leather except nubuck and suede. Leather Soft Cleaner is specially suitable for cleaning leather furniture, shoes, handbags and clothing.

Leather Protection Cream – For Leather Types A – P

Leather Protection Cream is a water based product that gently protects aniline and pigmented leather. It becomes an invisible, breathable barrier providing protection against oil, water and alcohol based stains as well as helping to resist the effects of daily soiling. Leather Protection Cream will also keep your leather lovely and supple, and when used regularly prevents pigmented leather from cracking due to excessive dryness. Do not use on Nubuck and Suede leather.