Specialty Treatments & Services

Additional Area Rug Treatments & Services

Diamond Protection – Finest fiber protection ever developed. 5-year spot and spill guarantee. Environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic. Has UV inhibitors, so it slows sun fading.

Gold Protection– Superior to all competitor’s protectors. But only comes with a 1-year spot and spill guarantee. Also has UV inhibitors, so it slows sun fading.

Urine Stain and Odor Treatment guarantee odor removal and advanced stain treatment.

Deodorizer will destroy offensive odors such as dog, cooking, smoke, skunk, musty, urine, etc.

Moth-Repel® protects your rugs from moth damage. If you have other wool items in your home, it is a good idea to have them treated also. Once moths enter a dwelling they can do considerable damage.

Rug Repairs are performed from simple repairs of fringe, binding, and overcasting, up to the full reweaving and restoration of antique rugs.

Blocking can make your distorted rugs square and even again.

Quality Rug Pads will keep rugs from moving and makes your rugs last longer. We offer the best rug pad available; we custom cut rug pads and offer different pads that go on top of carpet or wood floors.