Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning Process

We will move your items with care and will also protect any areas we work in or around. (Prevents damage to your home and other furnishings).

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Pre-grooming matted and crushed carpet opens the pile and loosens deeply embedded abrasive soils and contaminants. )Helps remove allergens and unhealthy contamination by 50%).

Carpet Cleaning

Many soils are nearly impossible to remove when wet. This can remove nearly 80% of the soil in your carpet. Hidden contamination is removed, ensuring a cleaner carpet that stays clean longer and extends its life.

We use a “green”, heated pre-conditioner to break down the spots and soil. Many cleaners use harsh chemicals or skip this step. Ensures spots, stains, and soil are removed.

Carpet Cleaning

Grooming the preconditioner helps detergents work deep down to loosen any stubborn spots or soil. We are more successful than other firms at removing stubborn stains and deep-down soil.

We move most furniture and use special tools so that it’s gentle on your furniture and carpet. Ensures all of the carpets are cleaned, giving you a healthier home!

Special cleaning solutions are used to break down the difficult soil that collects in the edges and corners. Do you have any dark lines around your edges? Helps remove mild filtration lines and soil.

Additional help to loosen stubborn soil, lint and filtration line build up.

Carpet Cleaning Process

We remove up to 6 times the soil compared to competitors. No other company gets better results than us for filtration lines. Your edges match the rest of your clean carpet.

A low pressure, neutralizing steam rinse combined with rotary extraction is 5 times more effective than a manual wand. Gently removes more contamination, soil, residue and moisture than any other method. The carpet is residue-free making it cleaner, healthier and helping keep up its beautiful appearance.

Carpet Cleaning Process

We use high-velocity air movers to speed up the drying process. Gets your life back to normal, and allows us to clean very soiled areas multiple times when needed.

Furniture is returned where you want it. Then we place protective blocks or tabs beneath it. We save you time and furniture doesn’t stain freshly cleaned carpet and you don’t have to move furniture back.

Carpet Cleaning Dryer

We take great pride in our work, so we inspect our results with you. We want to make sure that all of your concerns have been addressed and that you are delighted with our service.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

We will groom your carpet to restore its natural appearance and softness everyone loves.

We are stain removal experts and can remove most stubborn stains, however; there is some risk when using advanced techniques. If a stain is not safely removed, we will consult with you and have you sign a waiver to proceed with a more aggressive approach. We look for your permission to take risks, so you can be at ease with our processes.

The carpet has been cleaned of unsightly soil and stains. Dangerous hidden contamination has been removed and no unwanted residue is left behind. Having Chet’s follow these steps will lead to the best experience you have ever had in your home from any service company while bringing your carpets back to life and to their fullest beauty.

Additional Options

Chet’s 7 Step Stair Cleaning Process

Chet’s thorough step-by-step cleaning process is applied to carpeting on your stairs in the same sequence of steps that it is applied to your rooms.

Carpet Protector

Always have a protector applied to your carpet when it is cleaned. Textiles that are not protected are prone to premature soiling, permanent stains and ultimately a shorter life. Chet’s Cleaning is licensed by both 3M and Dupont and offers a 1-year written warranty with the application of Dupont Advanced brand.

Specialty Spotting

We have the expertise to safely remove many stains that other cleaners leave behind.

Pet Odors

Spots, stains, and odors caused by pets are safely removed. Ask about our pet odor removal guarantee!