Rotary Steam Cleaning

Rotary Steam Cleaning

What makes it so much better than all other systems?

  • The CDC recommends washing carpeting with soap and water, and steam cleaning is the only way to accomplish this with carpet.
  • Rotary steam cleaning is up to 5 times more thorough than all other methods.
  • As many as 750 combination rinse and flush operation per minutes.
  • Cleans fibers from all directions.
  • Builds more heat on the carpet where it helps clean away biofilm and other unhealthy contamination.
  • Dramatically more agitation help dislodge stubborn soil and contamination. And it’s adjustable so it can be very gentle on delicate fibers.
  • Has a clear sight tube so we can see the soiled extracted water become clean so we know how we are performing.
  • It is self-propelled so our technicians don’t get tired, the machine is doing the hard labor effortlessly.
  • Consistent cleaning from the beginning of the job to the end.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The vacuum is always on, we only control the flow of the solution, so it is almost impossible to over-wet the carpet.
  • Rotation allows up to 750 combination rinse flush operations per minute.

*We use this method on every carpet job and whenever possible*

Why It Cleans Hotter

Let’s say the carpet is 60 degrees, each pass of 200° solution increases the temp somewhere in between the two. So the first pass is 130°, the second pass is 165°, the third is 177° and it makes about 10 passes so it is cleaning at nearly 200°

The cleaning heads are also enclosed to help keep the heat contained.

Side note: We turn down the heat on Wool.

What’s Wrong With a Manual Wand or Zipper?

  • They only clean in 2 directions – forward and back.
  • Require a great deal of physical labor to operate, hard on your back, legs and wrist.
  • They are manual so it is easy to do it wrong, and besides technicians get tired.
  • Water temp cools down quickly when you only make 1 or 2 passes across the carpet.
  • On average only 30 rinse flush sequences per minute.
  • Most Technicians push while on the trigger so you at first you soak, then rinse flush. Instead of a proper rinse flush.