Carpet Cleaning

Why Our Multi-Step Carpet Cleaning Process is the Best

Chet’s step-by-step professional cleaning rigorously follows industry standards set by carpet mills, the professional cleaning industry, and public health agencies. This assures you of clean, beautiful, and resilient carpets, as well as, a healthy home.

Our Difference

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Our Expert Carpet Cleaning Service

Our system for carpet cleaning ensures that more allergens, mold, bacteria, micro-organisms, and soil are removed than by any other method or system while leaving your carpets residue-free. We also take every precaution to protect your home by using:

  • Hose stakes to protect your lawn and plants
  • Walk-off mats to protect your foyer
  • A door guard to keep unwanted pests out and to maintain the temperature in your home
  • Corner guards to protect the corners of your walls from chips and scratches
  • Moving blankets to protect your hard surface floors

We employ the finest equipment and top-shelf solutions, but it is our highly trained and motivated cleaning technicians that produce our far superior results.

Step-by-Step Process

How Soiling Damages Carpet

Carpets are made of tightly twisted tufts of fibers. Soiling, accumulation of microscopic grit on fibers, combined with foot traffic to scratch away your carpet’s beauty. Periodic professional cleaning by Chet’s prevents this gritty buildup. Like rubbing a mirror with sandpaper, light no longer reflects uniformly from scratched fibers. This gives your carpet a dull and gray appearance. Factory-applied soil protector is also damaged.

This is why carpet warranties call for professional carpet cleaning once every 18 months. It is also why Chet’s is licensed to apply America’s leading soil protectors.

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Compare Us With Other Cleaning Companies

  • Do they clean according to IICRC standards?
  • Do they rake and pre-vacuum to remove deeply embedded soils?
  • Do they move furniture as part of their service?
  • Do they pre-condition your carpet, especially areas that soil heavily?
  • Do they hand scrub hard-to-reach areas like edges and borders?
  • Do they steam rinse to remove and neutralize any residues that may be left in your carpet from the previous cleaning?
  • Do they use carpet dryers to return your carpets to use as quickly as possible?
Mold on a microscopic level
Bacteria on a microscopic level
Spores Graphic on a microscopic level
Virus Spores