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Marble & Stone Cleaning

We have the expertise to professionally repair and restore all types of stone on floors, counter tops, and walls.

  • Scratches, chips and cracks
  • Etch (water marks)
  • Stains
  • De-Lippage (Flattening)
  • Honing
  • Polishing
  • Sealing and Enhancing
  • Sealing and Enhancing Slate

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Cleaning & Maintaining Services

Deep Cleaning

Removes deeply embedded soil from porous stone and grout.


Prevents many substances from staining stone and grout. Ask about our guarantee (up to 15 year guarantee with Chet’s annual maintenance cleaning).


Removes minor surface scratches and deep etching by the process of smoothing the stone with abrasives. It can round edges but does not remove lippage, as grinding can. (Lippage is uneven edges caused by stone tiles that are uneven or set higher than each other). We use diamond pads with grit of 120 and above (400-600 on marble before polishing). The advantage of honing is that it’s not as aggressive as grinding, but it can be equally as messy due to the use of water.


Brings out a high gloss, achieved by using super fine diamond discs and super fine powders. Polishing restores the original shine and can even bring a lustrous shine to a honed finish on many travertine and limestone floors. It can bring a mirror-like shine to polished marble, travertine, onyx, and granite (can remove light surface scratches and minor etching).

Full Restoration Services


Done when a flat floor is desired (flattening and lippage removal). This gives many polished and honed marbles, travertine, limestone and granite surfaces a single slab, perfect appearance. Grinding uses diamond pads with grit of 60 or below. The advantage of grinding is twofold — a flat floor is easier to maintain and grout is kept cleaner. There are several disadvantages to grinding: It is messy, expensive and time-consuming. For example, 50-square feet of granite can take an entire day of work. Surrounding areas need to be protected due to slurry caused by the large amounts of water needed.


We fill cracks, pits and imperfections as well as perform other common repairs for damaged stone floors.

Concrete Polishing

We polish, stain and seal concrete. This is better than epoxy surfaces because it cannot peel and is inherently slip resistant like natural stone. Ask about our guarantee when you take advantage ofChet’s annual maintenance cleaning.

Counter Top Care

We professionally deep clean, seal, repair and restore most counter top surfaces. This includes crack repair, scratches and etching (water marks). Our sealers help prevent staining of all types of counter tops. Chet’s professional honing and polishing restores discolored or dull counter tops to their original beauty.


Critical Questions To Ask When Selecting The Right Marble and Natural Stone Cleaner

  • Do they use old world craftsmanship (diamond refinishing) or do they employ damaging crystallization?
  • Do they completely protect your home?
  • Do they offer a completely dust free polishing and honing experience?
  • Do they have the equipment and expertise to produce a truly stunning flat floor?