Pet Odor Removal

We have proven systems and the most qualified personnel to remedy stains and the associated odors that come with having pets. WE can guarantee complete odor removal from many items.

Stain and pet odor removal from other sources. Our stain removal experts have the tools and knowhow to remove more stains and odors than anyone.

Our guarantee – if we can’t remove a stain or odor, we guarantee that no one else can either and if anyone removes a stain that we said was permanent we will happily pay their fee.

We all love our pets!  But sometimes they have accidents.  It happens, and it’s not a big deal.  Chet’s technicians are trained to find those pet accidents for you with the use of an ultraviolet light, a urine probe, or both. 

The key to proper pet accident cleaning is to find out where the urine is and then how much urine has saturated the carpet and pad.  This is something that our technicians’ experts will do. We will remove those pesky and bothersome odors from carpets and flooring to reveal a newer-looking, cleaner and fresher carpet.

Most carpet cleaners use a deodorizer to hide the urine smell.  However, they skip a very important step which is removing the urine!  For proper odor removal, Chet’s Cleaning will remove pet urine the right way to get the job done correctly!

Our team will first remove as much urine as possible.  As you may know, urine is extremely sticky and nearly impossible to remove from your carpet fiber with normal carpet cleaning agents.

Contact us

If you have pet odor that you’d like to get rid of, give Chet’s Cleaning a call.  In home estimates are free.  Please contact us at your convenience.

Pet odor removal is something Chet’s is known for, often removing odor that other cleaners can’t!  Call today to find out what Chet’s can do for you.

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