Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

Wood Floor Cleaning Process

A strong cleaning solution is agitated into the floor and immediately extracted.

Benefit: Deeply embedded soil is loosened and removed.

Dirt Dragon

A machine is used that brushes in a deep cleaning solution, then immediately extracts it back up. This process penetrates into the grain of the wood, gently loosening deeply embedded soil and extracting it away. (S*) A mild, no-rinse cleaning solution is used.

An edging tool is used with the same solution to clean right up to the baseboards and hard-to-reach corners.

We move most furniture and use special tools so that it’s gentle on your furniture and hard wood floors. Ensures all of the hard wood floors are cleaned, giving you a healthier home!

The same machine is used with plain water to rinse away the cleaning residue and any remaining soil.

Wood Floor Cleaning

A special cleaning agent is agitated in and extracted leaving the floor residue-free and clean.

Dirt Dragon

A mild rinse-free cleaning and a neutralizing agent is used around all edges and corners.

This finish is applied, 1 or 2 coats give a matte to a semi-gloss finish, and additional coats give a higher gloss. The finish goes on evenly without the problems associated with most floor finishes and dries within 30 minutes.

  • Most furniture can be replaced after 1 hour.
  • Rugs can be installed safely after 24 hours.

Lamanator Cleaner

Previous Problem Finishes

Be Aware: Many over-the-counter cleaners have a finish added to them that builds up and creates an unsightly floor that is hard to clean and remedy. They go by these names; Mop & Glow, Orange Glo, Bona Clean & Refresher, Bona Hardwood Floor Polish, Bruce Fresh Finish, OR any other cleaner with a finish or refresher.

We can attempt to remove these finishes at a considerable extra charge. However; it is almost impossible to completely remove all of the foreign finish. If you want a perfectly new-looking floor then only sanding and refinishing will achieve these results. We have several companies that we can recommend for this service.