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Susan Pierce

I had a badly water stained blind caused by a leaking window. I took it to another cleaning place only to find out that they did not clean the blackout type of blind I have and they recommended Chet’s as the only place they knew of that cleaned this type of blind. I took it […]

Julia Richie

Our window treatments had not been cleaned for 13 years, which gave me great concern. Chet’s Cleaning was referred to me by our management team. I was initially impressed with their professionalism, close attention in a pre-inspection, and unhanging the treatments. The shears and draperies are cleaned beautifully and have a look of luster and […]

Wanda Grapentine

Chet’s Cleaning was highly recommended to me by a local drapery business. I had several rooms that the draperies needed cleaning but I was apprehensive if they could be done. Chet’s Cleaning came to my home, assured me that they could be cleaned, took down all the draperies and cleaned and rehung all. They look […]

Badriyyah Sabree

Steve from Chet’s came to my home, removed my draperies and valences, returned with them on the original date given to me, and reinstalled everything perfectly. Steve was skilled in his profession and gave utmost respect to me as his customer and to my home. Steve was awesome!!! I asked who actually cleaned my draperies […]

Gunsel Wolf

Christine, Al and Steve were exceptional. They were very polite and considerate. They individually addressed all of my issues with cleaning the carpets furniture and drapery. I had not had my drapes and blinds cleaned for 17yrs and they came back beautiful! Thank you, you guys were the best!!!!!

Nusa Hassoun

Very professional friendly service! Excellent cleaning & repair of my luminette & silouhetts. Will also clean, color and seal the grout on my bathrooms very soon. Highly recommend, and will definitely do business with this company again!

Julia G. Troy, MI

“I recently had some remodeling done after a roof leak and damage to my living and kitchen. Chet’s came to my home and picked up my Hunter Douglas Silhouettes and Luminettes, cleaned them meticulously, and kept them for me until the remodeling was done. When they returned and rehung the blinds and doorway drapes, they […]