Cleaning and organizing can be a time-consuming and let’s face it, a boring task.  Here are some tips and tricks to make cleaning less monotonous and maybe even a bit more fun.

  1.  Wear a kitchen apron to hold cleaning gloves, sponges, a duster and scrubbing agents.  This is a great hands free way to carry your supplies from room to room without taking several trips to get additional cleaning items.
  2. Put a non-metal sponge in the microwave set for 2 minutes to kill germs and viruses.
  3. Coffee filters make a great screen cleaning tool to get dust off of staticky TV’s and computer monitors.
  4. A few drops of water, cream of tartar and a sponge will get the sticky gunk off of stainless steel appliances.
  5. To clean glass jars and bottles with a hard to reach small opening, fill with water and drop in a denture cleaner (such as Efferdent).  Let stand overnight and then scrub with a skinny nylon brush.
  6. To make a sink drain smell better, put lemon slice down the disposal and turn on.
  7. A q-tip dipped in vinegar will clean those hard to reach window and sliding door tracks.
  8. When houseplants look dusty, put them in the shower and use the hose to rinse off the leaves.
  9. To prevent a sponge from getting smelly, sit it upright in a binder clip to dry out.
  10.  A sheet of fabric softener does wonders as a duster for baseboards.
  11.  To prevent water spots and fingerprints, rub a piece of waxed paper on faucets.
  12.  To avoid scuffed floors, move furniture with two clean towels folded underneath each side.  Heavy furniture will now slide when moved.
  13.  A cut off piece of a Magic Eraser dropped in the toilet overnight will get rid of a toilet ring.  Make sure to take the eraser out before flushing.
  14.  The most convenient way to keep shower walls clean is to keep a Scotch Brite dishwand in the shower filled with ½ vinegar and ½ dishwasher detergent.  Fast and easy way to scrub and keep the shower clean.
  15. Keep a fabric lampshade dust free by using a lint roller.  Hold the lampshade steady as you roll over the exterior.
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