Parenting Back-to-School Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Help Keep Your Home Clean

Is your back-to-school cleaning routine starting to feel like a never-ending process? We know for many parents, the initial rush of excitement over the start of the new school year is quickly followed by months of stress over keeping everything organized. From birthday parties to reunions and report writing, there’s always something going on this […]

Five Health Benefits of Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

Five Health Benefits of Furniture Upholstery Cleaning  While keeping your furniture clean helps to improve its overall appearance, having upholstery cleaning in Michigan with Chet’s Cleaning can also help to provide you with a myriad of health benefits. From cleaner air in your home to reduced allergies for everyone who lives there, upholstery cleaning can […]

5 Ways To Keep Your House Clean From Allergies

Keeping your house clean is important for many reasons. It’s much easier to relax in a clean space and it helps you avoid getting sick. A tidy home also makes it much easier to find things when you need them, like your favorite pair of shoes or the remote control. Keeping your house clean doesn’t […]

6 Ways to Maintain Your Floors and Carpets

Keeping your floors and carpets in top condition is not always easy. With all the dirt, dust and grime that accumulates on them, it’s no wonder they can end up looking so drab. But there are a number of ways to help keep your flooring and carpets clean. Even if you can’t give them a […]

How to Clean Shag Carpet Properly

Shag Carpet

A shag carpet is so plush and cozy that it can work its way into nearly any home decor. The long, thick carpet fibers offer maximum comfort. But, they can also make it really easy for dirt and grime to get stuck in between them. If you’re looking for ways on how to clean shag […]

Winter Carpet Cleaning Tips

mug of coffee

Winters bring cold temperatures, icy winds, and white snow. Even though it falls white, snow brings a lot of dirt with it into our homes, and especially onto our carpets. Since our homes have become our safe haven this year, it is so important to keep them clean. The carpet cleaning experts at Chet’s Cleaning […]

These Cleaning Tips Can Help Reduce Allergies

Ill child blowing her nose

Those with allergies also know that allergies don’t just flare up when they are outside. Indoor allergens, such as dust, dander and mold can be just as intense as outdoor allergy triggers like pollen. Regular housecleaning in all seasons can get rid of allergy triggers and help relieve your symptoms. The following cleaning tips will […]

Summer Cleaning Tips to Keep Your House Nice and Neat


The summer months have arrived. bringing with them heat, vacations and a heightened wave of activity around the home. While spring cleaning is all about reorganizing and opening up the home from the winter darkness, summertime tasks might be a bit more involved. Do you suddenly have children who are at home all day instead […]

15 Clever Cleaning Tips and Tricks


Cleaning and organizing can be a time-consuming and let’s face it, a boring task.  Here are some tips and tricks to make cleaning less monotonous and maybe even a bit more fun.  Wear a kitchen apron to hold cleaning gloves, sponges, a duster and scrubbing agents.  This is a great hands free way to carry […]

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