Have you ever tried to do something yourself and it turned out to be a big mistake? It’s true, you can find a “Do It Yourself” video for just about anything under the sun on YouTube. In some instances, it is possible to do things yourself; in others, it is just best to leave it to the professionals.

When it comes to rug cleaning, there is an aisle full of products at your nearest home improvement store. They all offer promises to get your carpet cleaning, most promising to do so without any scrubbing or rinsing. Similarly, there are a number of machines out there you can rent or buy that say they will clean your carpet. However, it’s likely more to your benefit from a monetary and cleaning standpoint to hire a West Bloomfield-area professional like Chet’s Cleaning.

Deep Cleaning & Stain Removal

Even if there isn’t a stain on your area rug, rest assured if it’s been some time since the last cleaning, there is dirt set into the fibers. A good professional cleaning reaches all the way to the bottom of the fibers to clean out dust, allergens, and stains.

Professionals also know every stain in the book, and how to get it out. They also know every type of carpet there is, and what chemicals and solutions work best for which materials. This guarantees they won’t damage your rug, and will leave with it looking good as new, and smelling fresh.

Time to Clean

 It will be more time consuming to clean an area rug with a small machine than having a professional step in. If your time is valuable and your life busy, that alone may be reason enough to pay a little more to have a professional cleaning service come in and do the work for you. Think about the time it will take to pretreat any stains, do the actual cleaning, and wait for dry time. How much of your home would need to be off limits during the process?

Chemicals & Solutions

Every rug is carefully evaluated to determine the best cleaning technique for those particular fibers. The cleaning process is gentle and different chemicals and solutions used depending on the makeup of the rug.

If you choose the DIY route and choose the wrong solution, your area rug could be permanently damaged, and in turn, your pocketbook.

Powerful Machines

Professional rug cleaners, like Chet’s, have very powerful machines that can effectively clean any kind of area rug without doing damage. Renting or purchasing a consumer-grade machine will likely not give your rugs a true deep clean.

Small units you buy or rent do not carry the same power and effectiveness as what professionals use. For example, you may not be able to draw enough water out of the carpet using a smaller machine, leaving the room saturated for much longer than if it were cleaned and dried by a professional.

You cannot go wrong choosing the professional cleaning route. Bottom line: professionals are better able to effectively clean and rejuvenate the carpets and rugs in your home than any off-the-shelf solution or machine. If you are looking for a trust-worthy carpet cleaning service, look no further than Chet’s Cleaning!

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