How long has it been since you deep cleaned your home? For that matter, what does deep cleaning even mean? We all do our best to keep the house picked up, wiped down and vacuumed on a regular basis. But sometimes you have to go the extra mile and vacuum out under your fridge, or scrub the inside of your oven door, or descale and thoroughly clean the tile and grout in your bathrooms and kitchen.

It’s not economical (or practical!) to deep-clean everything every single week, but it can also cause problems if you only stick to general cleaning and hope for the best. Here’s a quick overview of the difference between clean and really clean, and how often to tackle some of the more labor-intensive cleaning tasks.

Top-Down Sparkle

It’s easy to overlook the space above your head when it comes to restoring your home’s sparkle, and that makes the higher spaces a perfect place to start. A deep clean addresses things like the top of your refrigerator, tall cabinets that don’t get much use, ceiling fans that collect dust and cobwebs in corners. Any high shelves, ledges on picture frames or other surfaces that are normally over your head should also get some attention.

Behind and Under Appliances

Dust that collects inside vents and around the wires of some large appliances can actually be a safety issue. So, at least once per year — and preferably at the start of each season — it’s smart to deep clean the following:

By keeping your appliances as dust-free as possible, you prevent dust and lint buildup that can become a safety issue and you eliminate the source of smells, allergens and other potential issues.

Bathroom Issues

Just how clean can a bathroom be? Bathrooms can be pretty clean. Showers and baths should be descaled seasonally to get rid of soap scum that builds up and causes your space to look dirtier than it really is. Scrubbing all grout lines with a good cleaner and a stiff-bristled brush will also help prevent discolored grout lines before they become unsightly.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming regularly removes countless toxins from your home, but to keep your rugs and carpets as clean as possible, you’ll need to clear your furniture out of the way and have them professionally cleaned every 18 months. This keeps carpet looking great, eliminates even more toxins and problematic grit, and restores that soft, fresh feel you loved about your carpets when they were new.

These are just a few of the deep-cleaning tasks needed to keep your home in tip-top shape. The good news? You don’t have to do it alone. Chet’s Cleaning takes deep cleaning seriously and pays attention to every detail. We use top-notch equipment that makes your space feel fresher and newer than you thought possible. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning!

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