Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that multi-step carpet cleaning process is essential to keeping your carpets looking their best and ensuring that you have healthier air in your home? Read on to find out more about a multi-step carpet cleaning routine and how it can help maximize your investment.

Why Do I Need a Multi-Step Carpet Cleaning Process?

Cleaning carpets isn’t as simple as vacuuming and removing stains. If you have a carpet, you know just how difficult it can be to keep your carpet looking cleaner, and longer. A multi-step approach will remove deep-down grime and dirt and restore your carpet to looking brand new again. Simply vacuuming won’t do the trick. Instead, you need a multi-step approach that will clean your carpet from the surface to the deep-down bottom of the carpet.

What Does a Multi-Step Carpet Cleaning Entail?

You may find professional cleaning services that offer a few cleaning steps but do they offer enough? When carpets are not properly cleaned they can be just as unhealthy as before cleaning. Here is a closer look at just a few of the steps required to ensure your carpets are cleaned properly and always look their best. Remember clean carpet improves the air quality of your home, and carpeting and rugs are the largest air filters in your home. 

Loosening dirt and allergens: The first step in carpet cleaning is to loosen the dirt and allergens that are stuck into the fabric of the rug or carpet and are tough to remove. Once they are loose, they can be easily vacuumed away. Did you know most cleaning companies don’t vacuum before cleaning let alone pile lifting before vacuuming.

Thorough vacuuming: Vacuuming with heavy-duty, industrial-grade equipment will ensure the dirt, dust, and allergens are adequately removed from the surface and from beneath the surface of your carpet or rug. Most of these contaminants are almost impossible to remove once they become wet. 

Breaking down soils and stains: Attacking stains is next. You want those difficult marks to be loosened. This alone can be a gradual and multi-step process. Professional cleaning services can get the job done right with specialty products and the right cleaning equipment.

Preconditioning: Using a specialty preconditioner loosens deeply embedded contamination so it can be rinsed out easier. It prevents overwetting and harsh agitation because the contamination is suspended from the fibers. 

Gentle Agitation: The above preconditioning helps to lubricate the fibers so the agitation is more gentle. Agitation is essential to remove certain contamination. 

Washing edges and corners: The edges and corners of rugs and carpets often see filtration soiling (the dark edge around a room).  To be sure they are cleaned properly, you need a multi-step cleaning approach that includes some dedicated time for cleaning corners and edges.

Steam Rinse: Thorough rinsing with hot water removes more soil, and residue than other methods and Rotary Steam Rinsing is the most thorough method of all. 

Drying: The final step is drying the carpet so it is not wet for too long. Once the carpet has been adequately cleaned, fans should be used to help speed up this process.

How to Hire the Right Cleaning Professionals

Hiring the right cleaning professionals is a big decision. You want to make sure your carpets are properly cleaned and restored. Chet’s Cleaning offers a 14-step cleaning approach that you can read all about here.

A professional cleaning service should be able to properly explain to you why all of these steps are necessary and more importantly, they should leave your home with perfectly cleaned carpets. If you’re interested to find out more about what Chet’s Cleaning can do for your carpets, book a free consult today.

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