Cleaning isn’t something that many people look forward to, but it’s something that has to be done. After all, who wants to spend their weekend or a few hours after a long workday cleaning their home? Your time is precious, but you make time for chores anyway. Unfortunately, even after spending hours scrubbing the floors, doing the laundry and dusting every room in the house, there are some places in your home that you should clean but don’t. Here are four places that are commonly missed.

Curtains and Blinds

You probably open and close them every day, they look clean but have you ever noticed how dirty the blinds and curtains in your home might be. Dirt, dust, mold and pollen can quickly build up on blinds and curtains, without being noticed. So, the next time you do a deep cleaning of your home, remember the blinds and curtains. Most curtains are machine washable, so they can easily be taken down and tossed and in the washing machine, just make sure to read the cleaning instructions on the label. One of the easiest ways to clean the blinds is by using the brush or nozzle attachment and your vacuum cleaner. If the blinds have a lot of buildup, simply take them down and soak them in the bathtub with dishwashing liquid and warm water, then hang over the shower rod to dry.

Ceiling Fans

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” definitely applies to the top of the ceiling fan blades. When the ceiling fan isn’t running, it collects dirt and dust on the blades, which eventually blows off and floats through your home. To clean the blades, slip a pillowcase over the blade and pull the pillowcase over the blade, towards you. This will help to clean the blades without the dust falling on the floor.

Door Frames and Doorknobs

The top of the door frame is one of those high-up, out-of-sight spots that collects a lot of dust. The good news is it’s an easy thing to clean. Simply use a soft damp cloth or a feather duster to wipe off the top, sides and front of the door frame to remove dirt, fingerprints and dust. Doorknobs are a haven for germs and bacteria, so make sure to clean them at least once a week to prevent the risk of spreading germs. To clean the doorknobs, spray disinfectant on a cloth and wipe the doorknob off or you can put a few drops of hand sanitizer on paper to remove germs.

Remote Controllers

Remote controllers are one of the most commonly missed, yet germy places in a home. Think about how many times the television remote is used and how many different hands touch it. Germs can easily make a home on the surface. To clean the remotes in your home, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and wipe down the remote or you can use an anti-bacterial wipe. Remember to remove the batteries before sanitizing.

To stay ahead of dirt, dust and germs, consider storing a small container of anti-bacterial wipes near all of the electronics, including computers and remotes. Each night when you use the remote to turn the television off, give it a quick swipe and each time you shut the computer off, gently swipe over the keyboard to help keep the germs from building up. Keep a feather duster tucked behind a curtain to routinely dust the tops of curtain rods and the blind slats.

One of the best ways to get ahead of the chasing dirt and dust game is to have a professional clean your house occasionally. This will free up your time and ensure your home is spotless without you doing the work. Contact Chet’s Cleaning Inc. today to schedule a cleaning consultation, and we will help you put together a cleaning schedule.

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