Use These Vacuuming Tips to Help Out Your Cleaning Schedule

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To keep your house free of dust, germs and microscopic mites, maximize the cleaning capabilities of your vacuum cleaner–one of the most valuable tools a homeowner has to keep floors (and more) cleaner and healthier. Utilize these vacuuming tips to help your schedule out.

When you follow a regular schedule, your home will have less dust, dander, debris, pollen and mold spores. Plus vacuuming is not only a great tool to keep your home clean, but also to increase the lifespan of your floors. For some tips on how to use it like a pro we at Chet’s Cleaning recommend you:

Dust Other Areas of the Home First

When you are cleaning, dust the blinds, baseboards, and higher objects before you start vacuuming the floors. The dust that you were unable to capture with a rag or duster will eventually settle back down, much of which will settle on the floor. Vacuuming will capture the dust that settled, plus help get the dirt that is already in the carpet. If you vacuum before dusting, you may end up having to vacuum the floors again once the dust settles. 

Don’t work too quickly. In addition, move the vacuum cleaner both forward and backward across the floor as you work. This allows the appliance’s vibrations to loosen any debris in the carpet fibers, so that dirt can be picked up when you make another pass.

Use the Right Tools and Settings

Use all the capabilities that you paid for. Use a crevice accessory tool to get corners and edges, rather than ramming the vacuum into the baseboard. Break out the proper attachments when cleaning furniture or drapes. When you are vacuuming the stairs, use the attachments on your vacuum to eliminate carrying it on each step.  

If you have different types of flooring in your home, you will want to consider adjusting the settings as you vacuum your home. Make sure you know which works best on your flooring. For example, carpets and area rugs that have looped fibers or are made from natural materials — like wool or silk — should not be vacuumed with beater bars. Whether it’s an area rug or a tiled floor, just make sure that you have the best suction possible.

Start With Less Dirt

Don’t make it harder than it should be. You’d be surprised at how many people inadvertently create additional messes that make vacuuming more difficult than it should be. 

For example, if you allow shoes in your home, you are more likely to track dirt, leaves and other outside elements inside your home. Have everyone take their shoes off when they first enter your home. Or at least place quality mats around entry points of your home. 

Keep Your Vacuum Clean

Your vacuum cleaner must have adequate airflow in order to function properly. For bagless, start off with an empty canister to make your cleaning efforts more successful and effective. For most bagged vacuums, you should change or empty the bag when it is approximately three-quarters full. If you wait too long, the hose might clog or other parts of the device may not operate as efficiently as they should. Invest in the HEPA bags to capture more dust, pollen and spores.

Move the Furniture Occasionally

Larger items like furniture are usually fine to leave in place while you are vacuuming. You want better results in less time, however, consider moving the couch or coffee table so you can vacuum underneath those hard-to-reach places in high-traffic areas of your home. If you are unable to move these larger pieces of furniture, try using one of the accessories that come with your vacuum cleaner to suck up some of that dust or debris that has accumulated.

Deep Cleanings Are Helpful

Even homes that are vacuumed regularly can benefit a professional treatment. By giving your carpet a deep clean, you will help loosen up and eliminate the dirt that has built up in the fibers of your carpet, which makes it easier to vacuum. This is because the floor is cleaner, and the dirt being sucked up has not embedded itself into the fibers of your carpet yet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Follow these Vacuuming Tips or hire a professional to clean your surfaces. Weekly vacuuming with a quality machine is the best way to maintain your carpets. Every year or so, have a competent and experienced team come into deep clean and sanitize with professional equipment. Chet’s has served the Metro Detroit area since 1986. See our Multi-Step Carpet Cleaning Process on the website or call for an appointment.

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