What Can be Done with This Old Hardwood Floor?

This weekend might be warm.  That is a relief because it has been a long cold winter. So much soup in the slow cooker and so many Netflix marathons, but now it’s time to open the doors and windows.  It’s time to dig up the flower beds and wash all of the windows. It’s time to wipe down the walls and clean the carpet.

Hold on a second, you hate that carpet! You have wanted to do something different since the day you bought the home.  Rather than clean the carpet let’s just lift it up and get it out of here. Once it is done you can go down to the flooring store and find something new to install. This will be a great DIY project to get out of the way before the boating and BBQ season is in full swing. Besides, you have always wondered what was under that carpet.

If you don’t start now you will put it off for another year. So grab that corner and lift!

Well, this might just be your lucky day. Instead of lifting the carpet and pad to find a beaten-up deck with scratches and gouges, you find a beautiful hardwood floor. Not a hard would floor as you see in the homes today, but a true craftsman style hardwood floor like you have always dreamed of.

This might be the best day ever!

Now once you remove the carpet and pad you are relieved to find that the floor is in remarkably good shape. It has lost some of its lusters, but it is in good condition with very few blemishes on its surface.

At this point, you begin to wonder what can be done to this floor to return it to its original glory.

Does it need to be stripped and sanded, or can it just be cleaned and polished up?

This is a good question, and luckily there are professionals like Chet’s Cleaning that can help you with these questions.

Oftentimes, the hardwood surface is only partially faded or just has minor blemishes that don’t penetrate into the wood surface. If this is the case a professional deep clean may be all that is necessary.

The deep cleaning process is a series of steps that will restore the life of your hardwood floor at a fraction of the cost (and headache) of having it sanded down and resurfaced. Not only will it put some life back to that old floor, but if done at regular intervals it will protect the surface and prevent the need for resurfacing in the future.

While just mopping the floor or using some furniture oil might seem like the best method for a DIYer, it is often just pushing the soil deeper into the wood pores and it will only look good for a short time. This may also damage the floor if it doesn’t have a good protective coating to keep the moisture out of the wood as well.

All of the steps in the deep cleaning process are designed to give your floor the deepest clean possible while also creating a protective barrier that will keep your surface beautiful, as well as, easy to maintain.

Now that Chet’s Cleaning has saved you all of that time and money you can get yourself a backyard swimming pool and really enjoy this warm weather!