What Are The Best Leather Cleaners For Couches?

Leather is a highly durable fabric, often found in car interiors and home furnishings. In order to keep leather looking good and prolong its life, it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Today, there are many different types of leather cleaners available that can remove dirt, grime, and sweat – factors that can […]

Five Health Benefits of Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

Five Health Benefits of Furniture Upholstery Cleaning  While keeping your furniture clean helps to improve its overall appearance, having upholstery cleaning in Michigan with Chet’s Cleaning can also help to provide you with a myriad of health benefits. From cleaner air in your home to reduced allergies for everyone who lives there, upholstery cleaning can […]

How to Clean an Area Rug to Make It Look Like New Again

Keep your area rugs looking their best by following these simple tips for basic care, deep cleaning, and stain removal. Plus, learn how to properly treat specific types of area rugs. Area rugs warm up floors, inject color and pattern into a space, and create zones in your home’s living quarters. But along with area […]

5 Ways To Keep Your House Clean From Allergies

Keeping your house clean is important for many reasons. It’s much easier to relax in a clean space and it helps you avoid getting sick. A tidy home also makes it much easier to find things when you need them, like your favorite pair of shoes or the remote control. Keeping your house clean doesn’t […]

Why You Should Invest in Professional Fabric Protection

Clean Couch

Whether it’s carpeting, rugs, draperies, or furniture, you have invested good money into your delicate fabrics. Keep your premium fabrics looking their very best by choosing professional fabric protection. Read on for reasons why investing in premium fabric protection is worth every penny. 1. Vacuuming is More Effective Protected fibers repel even dry soil, so […]

6 Ways to Maintain Your Floors and Carpets

Keeping your floors and carpets in top condition is not always easy. With all the dirt, dust and grime that accumulates on them, it’s no wonder they can end up looking so drab. But there are a number of ways to help keep your flooring and carpets clean. Even if you can’t give them a […]

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Spring Cleaning

When spring finally starts to peek its head through, it’s time to start thinking about more than just more sunshine. Spring is the perfect time to clean up your home and spring cleaning tips help get it spic and span from top to bottom. Make the most of this coming spring and find out what […]

Why a Multi-Step Carpet Cleaning Process is Critical

Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that multi-step carpet cleaning process is essential to keeping your carpets looking their best and ensuring that you have healthier air in your home? Read on to find out more about a multi-step carpet cleaning routine and how it can help maximize your investment. Why Do I Need a Multi-Step Carpet Cleaning […]

Cleaning Tips to Get Rid of Pet Odors from Your Home

Puppy and Kitten

We love our furry friends but owning pets can certainly take a toll on your home – particularly on your upholstery and carpeting. Pet hair and pet odors can be tough to get rid of but we have a few cleaning tips to help. Read on to find out how these cleaning tips can help […]

Importance of Having Qualified Cleaning Consultants


When hiring professional cleaning consultants for your home, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck! Just choosing a random cleaning consultant company and hiring them for any of your cleaning needs may not be the best approach. To ensure you get the right cleaning advice and hire cleaners specialized […]

Why You Should be Using Heavy-Duty Rug Pads

Persian Style Rug

You’ve definitely heard of a rug pad, but maybe you decided to skip on the cost and invest in your rug instead. While a good quality rug is always a good investment, it’s important to take good care of them and prolong their life. That’s why quality heavy-duty rug pads are a must. Read on […]

Tips for Cleaning All Types of Window Treatments

Formal Drapes

If you’ve invested in some stylish draperies, roman shades or silhouette blinds, then you want them looking their best all the time, right? Of course, you do! Luckily, it can be super simple to clean and maintain your window treatments and keep them looking newer, longer. Here are our best tips for cleaning different types […]

Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips to Keep Your Family Safe


With the current health crisis going on, keeping your house clean and disinfected is one of the safest ways to protect your family. A clean home will minimize the spreading of germs from one family member to the next and help you all stay safe and healthy. Here are our best cleaning and disinfecting tips […]

How to Clean Shag Carpet Properly

Shag Carpet

A shag carpet is so plush and cozy that it can work its way into nearly any home decor. The long, thick carpet fibers offer maximum comfort. But, they can also make it really easy for dirt and grime to get stuck in between them. If you’re looking for ways on how to clean shag […]

Key Benefits of House Cleaning and Sanitizing Services


With the new omicron coronavirus variant sweeping the world, US health officials say it will likely cause COVID-19 cases to spike once more. The coronavirus that causes COVID spreads through contact with respiratory fluids from those infected with the disease, often spread through their coughing, sneezing or even speaking. These fluids will hang in the […]

What Does a Luxury Cleaning Service Do?

Formal Living Room

Do you need a hand keeping your home clean? With busy work schedules, children’s activities, and family commitments, finding the time to keep your home as clean as you’d like it to be is sometimes a challenge. A professional luxury cleaning service can help. Read on to find out what a luxury cleaning service is, […]

Best Way to Clean Carpet on Stairs

Dog on Stairs

The best way to clean carpeted stairs depends on what resources are available for cleaning them. Though for many the easiest and best way to clean carpet on stairs involves calling out a professional carpet cleaning company, this may not always be feasible. However, using what’s available, along with a bit of hard work, can […]

10 Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Home Before Baby Arrives

Baby in Blanket

It’s a natural instinct for pregnant animals to prepare a safe and clean place for their baby. Referred to as nesting, expectant human mothers also exhibit similar behavior. A pregnant woman often feels a desire to clean and clear up the clutter in preparation for the arrival of a newborn. Family and friends are often […]

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