Microfiber Mojave Dry




Skip the vacuum and cut cleaning time in half! Use our microfiber dust mop heads to quickly and easily collect all the dust, dirt and debris that wears out hardwood, laminate, and tile floors prematurely!
Perfect for Cleaning Pros and Homeowners alike! Use this microfiber dry dust mop to maintain hardwood, tile and concrete floors between deeper cleanings with a wet mop
2-In-1 Cleaning: Microfiber fringe yarn reaches into corners and gobbles up debris & the microfiber face yarn attracts and holds on to tiny dust and dirt particles. Our positively charged microfiber dust mop heads attracts negatively charged dust like a magnet!
Simply Toss It In The Wash When It’s Dirty. Made to be laundered hundreds of times without losing its effectiveness, it’s ideal for cleaning companies who demand high quality cleaning products. Actual size 26 inches.