Platinum Carpet Cleaning Process

Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Sanitization

The top of the carpet is getting cleaned so it looks clean to the naked eye when in reality most contamination is lurking down below.

Sanitizers are consumed or neutralized by soil and biofilm – that’s why it has to be properly cleaned and rinsed first!

If we use our Platinum Cleaning Process we get as close to this as possible.

To use any sanitizer it needs to be as close to this as possible.

Pile Lifting & Vacuuming—Why is It So Important????

First of all carpeting, upholstery and all soft goods act like filters for the air we breathe and play the most important role in indoor air quality! And carpeting and rugs are the largest air filter in our homes and business.

Virtually no one vacuums properly or often enough or even uses a quality properly maintained vacuum. The commercial janitorial staff I’m sorry to say are probably the worse offenders and housekeepers aren’t far behind.

Before Cleaning– a neglected carpet will have a lot of loose soil, biofilm and hair.

If you don’t remove the dry soil and contamination first; Even with rotary steam cleaning, we are unable to remove all of the soil! The carpet looks clean but in reality, it is still contaminated.

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