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Helpful Tips To Avoid Major Carpet Cleaning In Grosse Pointe

carpet cleaning grosse pointe, carpet cleaning services grosse pointe, carpet cleaning services grosse pointeCarpet stains are unavoidable, and some may even seem un-removable. For those deep, pesky, and lasting stains, professional carpet cleaning is a great resource. If you are in need of professional carpet cleaning in Grosse Pointe, Chet’s Cleaning provides the best services around. In the meantime, here are some helpful tips on preventing stains from occurring in the first place.

Carpet Cleaning In Grosse Pointe

Treat spills as soon as they happen

Accidents happen, and the faster you clean up spills and get them treated, the less damage they will do. Do not rub anything onto a spill. Rubbing will cause staining to push further into the fibers and make it more difficult to remove. Instead, dap up the moisture. If a stain proves difficult to remove, call a carpet cleaning professional to get it cleared away.

Take off your shoes

Shoes carry a ton of dirt, grime, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants from outside into your home. When shoes are worn on your carpet, they transfer all of that muck into the very fibers of your carpet. Removing your shoes before walking on the carpet will help prevent stains by ensuring that you do not drag in mud, dirt, and all other outside contaminants onto your carpet.  

Use rugs or plastic mats as protection

One of the best ways to prevent stains from ruining your carpet is to keep your carpet covered. Place plastic mats or rugs under furniture and in high traffic areas of your home, especially in areas where food is allowed. Regularly clean mats and rugs to ensure that no spills, dirt, or stains, will transfer through to your carpet.

Clean your carpets regularly

Vacuuming your carpets once to twice a week will help remove surface dirt that can get trapped in stains and make them worse. Since vacuuming only removes surface dirt and debris, your carpet needs a deeper cleaning in order to remove dirt and debris that get trapped deep inside carpet fibers. Having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year will help to safely and adequately remove dirt and debris that is embedded deep in your carpet. Without the removal of deeper embedded carpet contaminants, the buildup of dirt and debris will worsen stains.

Protect your carpet with a stain resistant treatment

Professional carpet cleaners can apply a stain resistant treatment to protect your carpet. This treatment will add a type of seal over the surface of your carpet, making it more resistant to stains and spills.  Many new carpets come with this service already applied, but you can also have a professional come apply one on your existing carpet. While this treatment will not prevent all stains, it will certainly help make your carpet more resistant to stains and make stains easier to remove.

When your carpets get stained and dirty, they quickly become dull and faded. Professional carpet cleaning by Chet’s Cleaning can get them looking fresh and clean in no time. It doesn’t matter if it is regular dirt and debris forced deep into the fibers of your carpet, or harder to get rid of stains from spills, we will be able to safely extract the elements from the fibers and leave our carpets fresh and clean.