The summer months have arrived. bringing with them heat, vacations and a heightened wave of activity around the home. While spring cleaning is all about reorganizing and opening up the home from the winter darkness, summertime tasks might be a bit more involved. Do you suddenly have children who are at home all day instead of in school?  Are you working to balance summer fun and a clean home? Here are several summer cleaning tips that can help keep your home clean and organized this summer.

Make Decluttering an Ongoing Process

No matter how much reorganizing you did in the springtime, the high activity of summer is a breeding ground for clutter. Encourage everyone to put toys and other belongings away immediately after use, not later. Keep laundry organized by having sorting baskets at the ready. Warm weather can quickly attract ants and other bugs, so take the time to declutter your pantry and clean up any stray crumbs.

Stop Dirt and Debris at the Door

You won’t have to clean dirt that never makes its way into your home, so set up some barriers to keep dirt, sand and debris where it belongs — outside! Put some entryway rugs or floor mats just inside your door and ask everyone to remove shoes and dirty clothing before entering the house. If the extra summer traffic does get the best of you, you might want to consider a professional carpet cleaning service.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Heat and humidity can bring mold and mildew into various parts of your home, your family’s belongings and even clothing. Keep surfaces in the bathroom thoroughly wiped down to prevent moisture build-up. If you have damp clothing in the house, such as swimsuits, don’t allow them to sit in a dirty pile. The smell won’t be very pleasant and they could begin to mildew. If you have pool floats or other toys have become stained from mold, you can safely wipe these down with some vinegar and a paper towel.

Taking it Outside

Need some summer cleaning tips for your outdoor furniture? Summer is the season to pull out the grill and comfortable deck furniture that you dream about the rest of the year. If it’s become a bit grimy from storage, there are usually simple fixes. Many furniture cushions will have laundering instructions on them. To clean the furniture itself, just use warm water mixed with a bit of detergent. Barbecue grills can be cleaned with oven cleaner or scraped with a wire brush when the grill is warm.

Get Some Help!

Summer is both a fun and a busy time for most households. If there are children home from school, this is a prime opportunity for family fun that isn’t available the rest of the year. There’s nothing wrong with sacrificing a few cleaning days in favor of the beach or the park. It doesn’t have to be a choice, though.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, and a cleaning service can provide everything from carpet cleaning to tile cleaning and much more! If you’re in the Detroit area, contact Chet’s Cleaning to find out how we can help with your summer cleaning needs.

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