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COVID-19 Surface Cleaning and Apply Sanitizer

We are currently helping with these locations and more:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Day Care Centers
  • Schools & Universities
  • Libraries
  • Municipality Offices (Police, Courts, Public Works, Safety, etc)
  • Office Buildings
  • New Construction Homes as Final step before keys given to homeowner
  • Funeral Homes
  • Churches
  1. Donn your PPE
    1. Wash hands properly
    2. Donn your gloves
    3. Wear N-95 respirator or dust mask to protect yourself from Mediclean the entire time!
    4. Wear a vapor respirator if anyone has been sick or possibly infected with COVID-19 within the last 14 days
  2. Clean and sanitize all door handles and light switches first including the entry door
    1. Clean & Sanitize at least 1’ completely around them
    2. Follow the procedures below for proper cleaning and sanitizing
  3. Prepare the areas to be cleaned
    1. Remove loose items from the desk or surface
      1. Set them neatly on the chair or other surface in the room or cubicle
  4. Change the towels, Fill 1 bucket for cleaning and 1 for sanitizing 
    1. Fill each bucket with 1 gallon RTU (Mediclean- 2 Oz per Gallon)
    2. Place about 10 microfiber towels Blue or other color in the other Wash bucket
    3. Place about 10 microfiber towels Red or Orange for Final Sanitizing in 1 bucket
  5. Clean all surfaces and items that might get touched
    1. Spray Mediclean RTU
    2. Wring out the microfiber cloths before using – Blue
    3. Wipe off with clean towels, Use as least 1 towel per work station, depending on soil, but don’t clean more than 1 work station with the same towel. This will prevent cross-contamination!
      1. Be careful with phones, keyboards and other electronics
        1. You can spray the keyboard a little heavy and place face down on the Blue cloth and let it drip out. Or immediately wipe it off after you spray it.
    4. On Items that should not be sprayed use a damp Blue cloth, and clean thoroughly 
    5. Leave the towel hanging on the door frame or knob so you know that it was cleaned but not sanitized
      1. Or under the keyboard
    6. Place extra used towels in plastic wash bag – never place a used towel back in the bucket!!!
  6. Sanitize all surfaces and items that might get touched- remove Blue towel that was the marker
    1. Spray Mediclean RTU on surfaces that can be sprayed, needs to be wet and stay wet for 10minutes, so spray enough but don’t make a mess
      1. Wring out a Sanitizing towel
        1. Wrap the phone receiver with it and cover phone keys with remaining part of towelRed or Orange
      2. Start next cube or office while this one is allowed to dwell
  7. Dwell – All surfaces must stay wet or damp for 10 minutes
    1. Wipe down all surfaces with a damp fresh cloth with Mediclean-
      1. Use the towel that we wrapped the phone with
      2. This will include electronics like keyboards, mouse, computers, printers, etc…
      3. Use same cloth and cover keyboard and mouse so they stay in contact with Mediclean

Optional: Wipe off and dry polished surfaces and glass before they completely dry to prevent streaks, only use clean dry towels

  1. Inspect each cube or office
    1. Chairs should be back in place
    2. Pick up towels left on key boards
    3. Look for streaks and buff off
    4. Replace items you moved back and repeat above procedure to any areas that the items were left.
  2. Wipe down with Sanitizer light switches, and door handles again before leaving building.
  • Never place a used towel into a clean bucket! Otherwise you will contaminate your cleaning or sanitizing solution.
  • Try to work into cubes or offices in same direction- left to right?
  • All touch type surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized: 
    • Tables & Desk work surfaces
    • Upper cabinets, face of door, bottom of door an inside edge
    • Light switch on under cabinet light
    • Chairs (arms and under arms, top of backs anywhere people tend to touch
    • Chair levers, the controls
    • printers etc 
    • Top of cube walls
    • Inside edge of cube walls
    • Outside corners of cubes
    • Filing cabinets, especially the handles
    • Staplers, hole punches, calculators and other office equipment, etc..
    • Common area items, Restrooms, Kitchen tables chairs and other such items as vending machines, microwaves, etc…

Load list

  • 2- buckets for each technician
  • 1- 1 quart sprayer for each technician
  • At least 4 towels per work station or office, 2 sanitizing and 2 other color
  • Mediclean concentrate, 1 gallon per 50,000sf building?
  • Gloves
  • Respirators or dust masks
  • Garbage bag(s)
  • Vacuum cleaners just in case, to pick up hole punches or other debris we wipe of desks.
  • We are using Mediclean to clean and sanitize because it is a cleaner too. But there must be separate cleaning and sanitizing steps.
  • Microfiber towels are 5 times more absorbent than cotton, but cotton can be used.
  • By using this bucket system, you are always cleaning and sanitizing with a clean towel and are not spreading soil around, unless you try to clean too far with it, or the items are very soiled.
  • Cleaning removes 97% of germs 
    • Adding a 5 minute dwell time after cleaning kills 99.9% of germs and viruses (Sanitized)
    • 10 minute dwell time kills 99.999% of germs and viruses. 10,000 times cleaner. Important when we don’t we are dealing with an unknown virus. (Disinfected – this is our goal but we can’t guarantee it).